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Fri Jul 9 00:04:51 CEST 2004

On Thu, Jul 08, 2004 at 09:27:19PM +0200, Claude Almansi wrote:
> Hi Felix and Dietrich
> Though I'm a reibe Welsche of the worst ilk (genevoise), I would prefer NOT to have a separate French mailing-list. It's a question
> of critical mass, there just aren't enough of us to make such a list viable.
I think too...
It must stay one only list for whole discuss, even in english ou german or in 
three language when a message is important...

But for incoming people, a french and italian (and maybe romanch) page would be a 
must... I think it's not necessare to have something up to date, but some link to 
lugs whith his natural language...

> In Myriam Schweingruber's report on the meeting with Georg Greve, I read you broached the language issue there, and that you, Felix,
> suggested a meeting in Sept or Oct about the language issue.

Not exactly, the goal is to present WhilelmTux as a political branche that can act
as an dynamic link between all swiss lugs. The possibility to represent the 
switzerland by the fsf throught this links and so on.

> That's a great idea. But maybe we could have  a survey before the
> meeting, asking people to grade their reading and writing competence in national languages + English, and indicating, if any, a
> group they belong to (guls for instance).
Asking for people that can write in some language,
but that could have time to invest.

I think, this can be asked to all swiss lugs later.

Something light can be do in waiting.

> This would help the organisers elaborate proposals for that meeting.
> The group indication might come handy not to exclude people who "fall off the bell curve" linguistically, but might still wish to
> participate in the discussion: one of these groups might offer a translated summary.
> But I only mean people who really fall off the bell curve, i.e. who can only access one of (national languages+english), and one
> where others are not at ease.
> I did that kind of resume in English or French for a while for someone who didn't know German at all. I meant well but it was a
> wrong move: A) she withdrew from the list all the same. B) the problem remained for many other French-speakers - see the fact the
> PLLA site is still there, although only used once in a blue moon, whereas we were meant to merge (or weren't we?)
> As to what form the survey should take, you are the software specialists. I know a couple of online joints where you can make one,
> but I'm not sure about thier software ethics.
I think: there is still a lot to do.

And we don't have enough energy to dispense 
them in stupid little wars against people that defend the same idea...

``I'm more free than you???''

``Your move is wrong???''

I am sorry about the (non finished) story of plla, something was missunderstood...
He do something (in first), you must enjoy his work before ask them to come with 
you, but together we have more power...


PS. Sorry for my english, it's not very academic, i hope you will understand my idea..
PS2. I'm not completly sure that i have all right understand...
     Not enough technical;-)
    'faut être un peu mazo pour écrire et lire en anglais quand on est deux
    francophones naturels... Je suis pour continuer ce thread en privé, en 
    français, te fais confiance pour en relater l'essentiel sur la liste...

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