[wilhelmtux-discussion] French @ guillaume.

Dietrich Feist dietrich.feist at mw.iap.unibe.ch
Thu Jul 8 15:41:15 CEST 2004

Hi Felix,

even though the french web site at guillaumetux.ch has been shutdown for
a while because it caused a lot of work and was harldy ever accessed,
the french mailing lists still exist:


However, the lists were set up more than a year ago because
french-speaking supporters of Guillaume Tux wanted them. Since then,
only a handful of people subscribed and no discussions took place. I
stopped sending official announcements (in French!) to the lists after
about 6 months when I realized that only german speakers were actually
subscribed to it.

If you want to use these lists, you are very welcome. But if the
situation stays like it is now, we will probably shut them down sooner
or later.

Kind regards,


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