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Hi folks,

I write this mail in English to make sure it is understandable for every one.

Yesterday July 6th we had the opportunity to meet Georg Greve, president of 
the Free Software Foundation Europe, in Lausanne for an informative meal.

The present were:
Alex Schroeder for Wilhelm Tux,
Felix Hauri as himself (member of GULL - Groupe d'Utilisateurs Linux Léman, 
but not official representative),
Georg Greve for FSF Europe,
Myriam Schweingruber for Wilhelm Tux.

Other people could unfortunately not participate and excused themself:
Dietrich Feist for Wilhelm Tux,
Claude Almansi for ADISI,
Mario Fux for Wilhelm Tux.

The goal of the meeting was informative for every one. All the present (and 
excused) swiss representatives are interested in defending Free Software and 
open standards and keen to collaborate more actively with FSF Europe as 
associated organisation and/or individuals in the future. For Georg it was an 
opportunity to meet interested people from Switzerland and explain the 
organisation of the FSF Europe and the possibilities of association for Swiss 

Georg explained the structure and function of the FSF Europe with its 
democratic decision procedures in the core team where representatives from 
many European countries contribute. He also explained that the ideas behind 
the structure of the FSF Europe that allows organisations and people from 
Switzerland to colaborate fully even if Switzerland is not member of the 
European Union.
The easiest way to begin the active collaboration with the FSF Europe would be 
an official demand of an interested organisation to become an associate to the 
FSFE. This does not exclude the possibility for other organisations to do the 
same in the future. The core team of the FSFE would then give their (most 
probably positive) advice for association and will establish a 
country-specific mailinglist called switzerland at fsfeurope.org. This opens the 
way for other organisations and/or individuals to do the same and contribute 
actively within the swiss group and of course also within the FSFE. The 
members of this mailinglist would also be addressed automatically if 
Swiss-specific questions would arise for the FSFE.
The next step could be to name three (3) representatives to become members of 
the FSFE core team itself and, if necessity comes up to establish a Swiss 
chapter of the FSFE

We also raised the latent problem of communication between the German and the 
French (Italian or Romansh) speaking Swiss which seemed to be one of the 
reason why Wilhelm Tux did not  reached a wholly Swiss status. The above 
associational (spelling?) procedure gives enough opportunities for other 
organisations to do the same in the future, as well as for interested 

Felix came up with the idea to summon all known Swiss organisations in this 
field, i.e. LUGs and other,  to send representatives for a Swiss meeting in 
September or October to discuss the subject. This would give every one the 
possibility to voice their opinions. Alex and I suggested to take care to 
organise such a gathering. Further notice will be given as soon as possible.

Well, I hope I did not commit any incoherences in relating this meeting so 
please don hesitate to correct when necessary.

I would like to thank Georg Greve to have offered one of his precious holiday 
afternoons to meet us and of course my thanks go to Alex Schroeder and Felix 
Hauri too to have attended the meeting.

Kind regards

Myriam Schweingruber, Wilhelm Tux secretary

Felix could you please forward a copy of this mail to GULL, I'm still not sure 
to be on the right mailinglist :-)

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