[wilhelmtux-discussion] French @ guillaume.

Thomas Deutsch wilhelmtux at tuxpeople.org
Wed Jul 7 12:18:27 CEST 2004

Félix Hauri wrote:

> I was searching for a french swiss lugs list, but at ``guillaumetux.ch'' i found
> a german page, with no ``fr'' links...
> At all, i've don't find a guls list.
> I think: if whilelmtux german == guillaumetux french, and if the goal is to link all swiss 
> lugs, this kind of list is a must... (in french and italian, or course!).
> I think that the ``welcome'' page of guillaumetux MUST by in french...

I write my answer in english, because my french is a little bit rosted 
on. Take a look at the page of Linuxbourg (http://www.linuxbourg.ch/). 
This is a LUG locatet in the french speaking part of Switzerland.



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