[wilhelmtux-discussion] e-mail from Richard Stallman about EU directive on software patents

Claude Almansi claude.almansi at bluewin.ch
Sat Sep 27 12:37:37 CEST 2003

Hi Wilhelmtuxers

Contextualisation of Richard Stallman's e-mail below: he had written that
the acceptation of the EU directive on software patents had greatly
depressed him. So I sent him an e-mail with a copy of what Gaudenz
Steinlin's wrote about it on Sept 25, and what follows is his answer, which
he asked me to forward, which I'm doing now.



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Subject: Re: Swiss zany tech law-enforcing measures

    there seems to be some confusion about how to interpret the decision of
    the european parliament. At least the FFII interprets it as "we" have
    won! see http://www.ffii.org/#news

Yes, there is confusion, but Hartmut Pilch of the FFII understands the
whole subject better than anyone else.  You should believe him.

    Maybe it's  a matter of seeing the glass as half full or half empty.

No, it isn't.  I saw the text of the amended directive, and it is very
thorough in rejection of software patents.  But the reason I am
confident that it has no loopholes is that Hartmut says so.

Please pass this on.

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