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Subject: Software patents conference in Brussels
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Wednesday 17 September 16.00 -18.30
European Parliament Brussels Room PHS 5B001

15.00	Press conference in briefing room

16:00 	Introduction by Daniel Cohn-Bendit MEP Chair of the Green/Efa
	Group in EP

16:10 	Presentation of the petition of the scientists:
	Dr. Alan Mycroft, Cambridge*
16:30 	Presentation of the letter of the economists:
	Dr. Luc Soete, Founder of Merit (Maastricht Economic
	Research Institute on Innovation and Technology

16:45	European consumer's point of view: Jim Murray, Director of
	the BEUC

17:00 	Tim Berners-Lee, Director World Wide Web Consortium, founder
	of the www online statement, debate and chat (videoconference)*

17:30	Administration that switched to open source software (Germany)
	Jens Mülhaus Member City Council city of Munich

17:45	CEO of European SMEs testimony about software patents :
	Hakon Wium Lie, CEO of OPERA (web browser Opera, used on all
	platforms, also used on cell-phones and PDAs for eg. Motorola)

18:00 	Debate

18:30	Conclusion


Translation is available in all official EU languages

Participation is free however it is necessary to register by Monday
17.09.03 by email with lvandewalle at europarl.eu.int in order to get an
access badge to EP

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