[wilhelmtux-discussion] Mailing List settings..

Robert Ribnitz ribnitz at linuxbourg.ch
Mon Sep 1 13:37:58 CEST 2003


Wilhelmtux-discussion has the following settings, with regard to attachments:

The following mime-types are ok:


All other mime-types are filtered by the software.

Other Settings:

- Only subscribers can post, postings of non-subscribers are moderated by
default (And usually rejected, cause its mostly spam).

- Addresses that post spam once (even if its filtered) can no longer be
subscribed to the list.Approx. 25 such addresses exist at the moment.

- Digests are by default MIME-encoded, and maximum size for digests (as well as
regular postings) is 40kb.

I is thus very unlikely that the list can be used to transmit viruses (or other
malware), as appication/octet-stream is filtered out.

hope to have helped

Robert Ribnitz