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Interesting post, I'll crosspost..

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PHP creator: Rasmus Lerdof

What do you think of open source in government and education? 

It's common sense that they should not rely on closed source, because 
don't know exactly how it works.
Microsoft have come out saying they are releasing their [Windows] 
code, but there are going to be all sorts of restrictions on that. I?m
sceptical of that. With open source stuff they can hire people to 
read and
audit the code and they don?t have to sign the really nasty non-

More on the education side they should use open source software. It 
makes no
sense to base an educational system on property software. All you are 
is generating new customers for a company as opposed to creating the 
that might be the next Microsoft. For example if you have a database 
use an open source database and show them how the database works. Not
everyone is going to dig into the guts of this thing, but there will 
be two
or three kids in every class that will, and from what they will learn 
can build the next great database. It?s crazy when educational 
systems don?t
go with open source and go all Microsoft. That is where governments 
should be pushing universities. 

   Doing a Masters of .NET? Now that?s a joke. Governments at the 
level should push universities to go with open source systems, 
despite the
kickbacks they might receive [by opting for proprietary systems]. In 
long run it?s going to help a lot more than it?s going to hurt. I?ve 
met a
lot of MCSE folks, some of them are great, some don?t know anything. 
people are great at taking tests, they couldn?t do any independent 
if it killed them. 

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