[wilhelmtux-discussion] Re: RE : [wilhelmtux-discussion]<002a01c2bb5b$ced70010$0100a8c0@nom00cl76thy97> ACCESSIBILITY TO THIS LIST

Dietrich Feist dietrich.feist at mw.iap.unibe.ch
Mit Jan 15 14:00:10 CET 2003

Claude Almansi wrote:

> So TUXers, don't you think the accessibility to this list should be
> addressed, and rather urgently?

You are right but we have already decided to tackle this problem
differently. In fact, two french mailing lists - one for announcements
and one for discussion - have already been set up by our provider. Blame
it on me that the discussion list is not fully configured yet. Between
work, family and Wilhelm Tux some things tend to lag behind, sorry! I
hope to get this done before the end of the week.

That means that we have mailing lists for the french community soon. The
current list will become the official german-speaking list. If there is
interest, I would be happy to set up something similiar for Ticino. I
guess that in the long run we will also have lists in English.

Kind regards,