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Claude Almansi claude.almansi at bluewin.ch
Mit Jan 15 03:11:40 CET 2003


I certainly will put you in Cc when I answer a message in English, with
a summary of the original message so that you can get the basic sense.
However, bear in mind I am no tech person, by a long shot.

So TUXers, don't you think the accessibility to this list should be
addressed, and rather urgently? 

I understand the principle of using ICT in local languages, of not
giving in to anglo-american steam-rolling, as it it were.


Welsche like Anne, Giovanni Rengucci - probably quite a few others I do
no have the pleasure to know personally - are not very fluent in German.
In the next few years, for instance, the mastery of German in Ticino
will drop dramatically, because kids will start learning it a year
later, due to the introduction of compulsory English in the curriculum.
That the EDK/CDPE/CDIP forced English into the curricula in a very
cocked-up manner in order to ape Canton Zurich is immaterial.English is
now in the curriculum, we can do nothing about it, and that it is soon
going to further fuck up the competence of future adults in the other
national languages is a fact we have to live with. 

So isn't it a case of "when English is inevitable, open your legs and
think of Switzerland"?

Using English as lingua franca won't mean we are endorsing Macdonald and
Micro$oft valuues - English is also the language of EFF, Gnu, the MoMA
and MIT...



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Bonsoir Claude,

After reading that 100% of messages are in german, except for yours but
as they answer german comments, I feel useless in that list...

So I quit. Good luck.

Claude, when there is something really important, don't hesitate to
inform me.