[wilhelmtux-discussion] A free document format for document interchange?

Robert Ribnitz ribnitz at linuxbourg.ch
Die Jan 14 13:00:20 CET 2003

Hi there,

I was musing about a toally free Document format, for interchanging
documents, and I came up with the following postulates:

- It must be possible to ipmlement viewers and creation tools without
paying license fees (please note, I dont say free here, I say

- The format should support both editable and non-editable content

- The format should allow trustworthy content (public-key crypto

- The format should embed all used fonts

- The format should allow integration of non-textual media (images,

- The format should ont allow the execution of macros or scripts 
(java-like sandbox model)?

- The format should support Multibyte Charsets (Farsi, Japanese,..)

- Tools should exist for different platforms (at least Windows, MacOS,
and Unix-Derivates)
- It would be nice if the format was XML-Based, with a public DTD.

- It would be nice if the tools saved in a compressed format (zip,