[wilhelmtux-discussion] Re: [PLLA] Rencontres entre Guillaumetux et la PLLA

Myriam Schweingruber schweingruber at myriam.ch
Don Okt 17 14:14:34 CEST 2002

Hello Anne, Dietrich, Markus and all the others,

> > found on our homepage http://www.linuxbourg.ch

well, the exact link is http://www.linuxbourg.ch/ou.html

If you comme by car you take the highway until "Fribourg-Sud" and on the great 
double-roundabout you just cross it and take the road that runs on the left 
of the forrest.
Follow this road (two more roundabouts to cross) and then the road turns right 
and downhill.
At the bottom there is a small (very small!) roundabout where you turn left. 
This is the Route de Villars and you will arrive at a traffic light where you 
take the right preselection. There is also a signpost to "Université faculté 
de sciences naturelles".
Drive through to the next roundabout (That's Fribourg!) and take the way on 
your right. Simply follow it and after the left turn of it you see the 
chemistry building in front of you. There is a car parking on your right and 
there also is the entrance through the sliding door.

Those who come by train: take the bus No. 2 "Pérolles" until the Stop 
"Charmettes". Cross the road and follow the signposts.

>  - I will have to ask if linuxbourg is 100% AUTONOMOUSLY accessible
>    for me. If I need any help, I don't come. I drive my car which
>    is my other walking way :)

As also posted from Robert: yes, it is .

@Florian: could you get the key for the sliding door from Mr Hirt. AFAIK we 
need a key to unlock it from the interior in the evening.

Ok, I think that's all about road findings :-) We'll even offer you a drink at 
the Linuxbourg :-)

Myriam, "chief lobbying" and The Lady of the Bourg :-)