[wilhelmtux-discussion] Cooperation between PLLA and Wilhemltux..

Dietrich Feist dietrich.feist at mw.iap.unibe.ch
Don Okt 17 12:14:09 CEST 2002

Robert Ribnitz wrote:

> I therefore propose the following:
> 22.10.2002  19.30  Rencontre entre la PLLA et Guillaumetux  @ 
> Linuxbourg

Ok, I will be there. However, I would prefer to have discussions and
presentations in English as my French is not good enough for this
(sorry, I only had two years of French in school).

> Further information on the whereabouts can be
> found on our homepage http://www.linuxbourg.ch

Do you mean http://www.linuxbourg.ch/ou.html ? In the Chemistry building
of the university?

How about other lobbying groups in Switzerland? Anybody planning to

Kind regards,

Dietrich Feist
President of Wilhelm Tux