[wilhelmtux-discussion] Cooperation between PLLA and Wilhemltux..

Robert Ribnitz ribnitz at linuxbourg.ch
Mit Okt 16 21:45:35 CEST 2002

Hello folks,

It looks like PLLA and Wilhemtux/Guillaumetux are really up to the same
thing, ie. lobbying for free software (and open standards) in

However, Wilhemltux seems sound asleep at the moment, only PLLA seems to
do something.

For this reason, I propose that the comite of Wilhemtux and PLLA get
together to discuss further proceedings, as soon as possible, so within
the end of this month.

I therefore propose the following:

22.10.2002  19.30  Rencontre entre la PLLA et Guillaumetux  @ Linuxbourg

Further information on the whereabouts can be
found on our homepage http://www.linuxbourg.ch

All those wanting to come, please send me a short note, till Oct 20.

Robert Ribnitz
Vice-President Guillaumetux/Wilhemtux