[wilhelmtux-discussion] Re:Réf.: [wilhelmtux-announce] Webmaster needed!

Markus Wernig markus at wernig.net
Mit Dez 11 10:35:18 CET 2002

Hello Claude, Hello Damien

Thank you very much for your willingness to translate some pages from
our new homepage. I do appreciate that very much and will make use of
that offer soon. So be warned.

The exchange format will be either ASCII or HTML, as found on the page.

Additionally we are of course looking for somebody who can cover the
Suisse romande also in an editorial role. This means: knows what goes on
there, what is of relevance there, post news from there, organise or
write articles about topics from there (PLLA, are you reading me?).

Would this also be of interest to you? 

lg /markus
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