[wilhelmtux-discussion] Webmaster needed!

Markus Wernig listener at wernig.net
Die Dez 10 13:18:27 CET 2002

Hello everybody

As some might know, up to now there has (theoretically) been a team of
three people in charge of the web site. Now, much to our regret, one of
the co-webmasters has to call a timeout due to other pressing duties.

So, here we are, looking for someone who will take over his part in
managing the website, and, most urgently, in bringing up the new site
that is being architected at the moment.

The site will be (or try to be ;-) in all four of Switzerland's official
languages (well, at least parts of it will). At the moment, we
unfortunately lack efficient knowledge in one (French) and have to claim
utter ignorance of another (Rumantsch) of those languages.

Therefore we would greatly appreciate help from one or more persons with
an interest or experience in web publishing. Preferrably, at least one
of those persons should be french-speaking! The duties can (and shall)
of course be divided between the various members of the web team.

The site runs on Apache/PHP/MySQL and is managed via a content
management system (CMS).

Courage, then! If you would like to lend a hand and join us, please
reply to me directly or to webmaster at wilhelmtux.ch.

looking forward to hearing from you

Markus Wernig

Secretary of Wilhelm Tux

Markus Wernig
UNIX/Network and Security Engineer

-> GPG: markus.wernig.net/pubkey
-> Linux User Group Bern: www.lugbe.ch
-> Freie Software f. die Schweiz: wilhelmtux.ch