[wilhelmtux-discussion] AW: Antwort: Firmenlogos auf der Website des Parlaments

Christian Bolliger christian.bolliger at id.unizh.ch
Die Dez 10 09:43:53 CET 2002

Schweizerische Strafgesetzbuch:

Art. 322quater

Sich bestechen lassen

Wer als Mitglied einer richterlichen oder anderen Behörde, als Beamter,
als amtlich bestellter Sachverständiger, Übersetzer oder Dolmetscher
oder als Schiedsrichter im Zusammenhang mit seiner amtlichen Tätigkeit
für eine pflichtwidrige oder eine im Ermessen stehende Handlung oder
Unterlassung für sich oder einen Dritten einen nicht gebührenden Vorteil
fordert, sich versprechen lässt oder annimmt,

wird mit Zuchthaus bis zu fünf Jahren oder mit Gefängnis bestraft.

Vermutlich haarscharf nicht erfuellt. Dem Geist nach aber sicher!

Christian Bolliger

On Tue, 2002-12-10 at 09:27, Stephan.Berger at pd.admin.ch wrote:
> hi everybody,
> as a great fan and user of linux and other open source software, i watch
> your discussions with great interest. but i'd like to warn you at this point
> not to make yourself ridiculous. as one of the parliament's system
> administrators i can confirm that daniel schweizer is not too wrong. 
> microso~1 has provided us a free video streaming solution to broadcast
> parlamentary sessions to everybody, without m$ we wouldn't have been able to
> provide this service, because of lacking human ressources. that's why there
> was a contract which forced us to present their logo on our web site. this
> contract has ended, and the logo has gone. that's all.
> as much as some of us would like to change our intranet and internet servers
> to a unix or linux based platform, as many obstacles are in our way. we just
> don't have enough human ressources to migrate in a flawless and swift
> manner, our servers contain at least 500'000 html pages, several sql
> databases, several search engines, etc. 
> but our intentions haven't stopped, we forsee not to be exposed to internet
> information server's crappyness forever. we are making progress towards the
> usage of open source software. but you know, structures within parliament
> are more complicated that you probably might guess, and i'd like to tell you
> that your agitations don't help me much to get to my goals, they are rather
> cotraproductive and don't help to ignite the local v.i.p.'s sympathies with
> the linux community and your group. 
> thanks,
> Stephan Berger
> System administrator
> Information systems and new technologies
> Parliamentary Services,  CH-3003 Bern
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> From: Claude Almansi [mailto:c.almansi at bluewin.ch] 
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> Website des Parlaments
> ROFLMAO*, Michael!!!
> This correspondance should be forwarded to the press: in these rather gloomy
> times, we must share the laugh with others. How could Mr Schweizer dare / be
> so stupid as to write "According to you, what is wrong with the fact that
> parliamentary office, out of thrift,is striving to obtain some services from
> partners in this manner [i.e. by putting up the Microsoft and Eurospider
> logos], instead of making the tax-payers bear the brunt of them" (his e-mail
> to you,  13.11.2002 11:56 )
> And then his  explanation for the disappearance of said logos: "You will
> probably not believe it if I tell you that the contracts with the two
> corporations, time-limited from start, have expired in the meantime. Yet it
> is so".
> (I've translated the quotes for the other non German-speakers on the
> list)
> Cheers
> Claude
> *ROFLMAO = Rolling on the Floor Laughing My Ass Off, for the puritans among
> you who never wallow in chat rooms.
> Wahrscheinlich glauben Sie es nicht, wenn ich Ihnen sage, dass die von
> Anfang an befristeten Verträge mit den zwei Firmen inzwischen abgelaufen
> sind. Doch es ist tatsächlich so. -----Message d'origine----- De :
> wilhelmtux-discussion-admin at wilhelmtux.ch
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> Objet : [wilhelmtux-discussion] AW: Antwort: Firmenlogos auf der Website des
> Parlaments
> hallo liste,
> ich musste einfach nachfragen, warum die logos von der parlamentsseite
> verschwunden sind. man lese und lache:
> ----- Weitergeleitet von Michael Jaeger/iframe am 09.12.2002 10:43 -----
> (...)
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