[wilhelmtux-discussion] TCPA, Palladium und Gesetze

Manfred Morgner manfred.morgner at gmx.net
Don Dez 5 00:09:34 CET 2002

Hai Claude,

yes, this is a good idea. And it's important. We don't need to discuss about 
free software, freedom and democracy if TCPA is the future of our computers. 
Sure, it's not my future - but in this case, we have to save our society from 
a new form of occupation. Strong words, but I think, not as strong as TCPA 
and Palladium will become to us.


Am Mittwoch, 4. Dezember 2002 01.41 schrieb Claude Almansi:
> Wahoo, Manfred!
> With a friend, we were planning to create the "Associazione di difesa
> contro gli esperti di informatica" in Ticino. Let's have a campaign at
> Swiss level, as you suggest.
> Best wishes
> Claude