[wilhelmtux-discussion] Freedom-Party - Plakate/Flyer

Alex Schroeder alex at emacswiki.org
Wed May 11 01:54:06 CEST 2005

Here is an alternative:

Markus Tschannen schrieb:

>- very much text-based and therefore the key proposition might not be
>visible at first sight.
Yeah, Florian's is based on Myriam's which is a very text-heavy template 
from the FSFE which I don't like much myself.  My alternative linked 
above has much less text (not enough?).

>- the logos on the right hand side either need a transparent background
>or the whole column should be white. it just looks better.
I noticed.  It would probably work when printed, but on some viewers you 
get black boxes for transparent png...

>-and a maybe somewhat unpopular remark: there might be people interested
>in this whole issue but they only heard the term "open source" so far.
>therefore we might miss the chance to call for them by only talking
>about "free software" without explaining what's behind it. i know this
>terminology thing is part of some hot philosophical debate, though.
Well, even though I agree with you, this is a FSF thing, and I know that 
they don't really like the term Open Source.  So my suggestion is just 
bite the bullet and leave it as "freie Software".

>however, the most important thing is we're "going public" by the end of
>this week... the rest is just detail.
Yes.  I sent several mails out already...


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