[wilhelmtux-discussion] Freedom-Party - Plakate/Flyer

Markus Tschannen markus at puzzle.ch
Wed May 11 01:18:43 CEST 2005

hi there

> first (already outdated) draft of the poster/flyer

my feedback, if helpful (else: /dev/null)

- very much text-based and therefore the key proposition might not be
visible at first sight.

- the logos on the right hand side either need a transparent background
or the whole column should be white. it just looks better.

-and a maybe somewhat unpopular remark: there might be people interested
in this whole issue but they only heard the term "open source" so far.
therefore we might miss the chance to call for them by only talking
about "free software" without explaining what's behind it. i know this
terminology thing is part of some hot philosophical debate, though.

however, the most important thing is we're "going public" by the end of
this week... the rest is just detail.

looking forwart to may 21

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