[wilhelmtux-discussion]zürichlocalgroup meeting

Dietrich Feist dietrich.feist at mw.iap.unibe.ch
Don Feb 20 05:48:09 CET 2003

Hi Alex,

thank you for the summary of the meeting in Zürich. Sounds like it would
have been interesting to have been there. :)
> It was nice -- at first we were 4, me, and 3 people from Berne.  :)
> Later, more arrived: 1 from Luzern, 1 from Wil, and 3 from Zürich.
> We need more people from the Zürich area!

Only 3 (4 counting you in) from Zürich is a little less than expected
but it is a start. I would suggest that next time we announce the
meeting in our announce mailing list which reaches a lot more people
than the discussion list.

> Next 14th is a good date to meet again.  What do you say?

Unfortunately not for me since I will be on vacation. I would prefer a
week later.

Kind regards,