[wilhelmtux-discussion] law on transparence of administration - was: Application del'Officefédéralde la Statistique

Nicola Fankhauser nicola.fankhauser at variant.ch
Sam Feb 15 17:12:49 CET 2003

On Sat, 2003-02-15 at 14:35, Claude Almansi wrote:
> Provisionally: what I found on admin.ch for  "öffentlichkeitsgesetz" (ou
> for "transparence de l'administrtion" - which is apparently its  French
> equivalent)seems to indicate that the principle refers to data, not to
> software. 

right. but isn't documentation data too? and because now everything that
isn't explicitely marked as "secret" _can_ be requested and should be
granted access to - and I sincerely doubt they are doing shifts around
the clock with "GEHEIM" stamps!

well, that's some hypothetical fun, not of real importance. :)

for the sake of completeness, the URLs of the press releases:

german: http://www.admin.ch/cp/d/3e4a16c6_1@presse1.admin.ch.html
french: http://www.admin.ch/cp/f/3e4a173c_1@presse1.admin.ch.html
italian: http://www.admin.ch/cp/i/3e4a1237_1@presse1.admin.ch.html

> I've added Jeaan-Blaise Claivaz in Cc again - and forwarded him
> separately your answer and Manfred's to Frederic  Schutz's where his
> query was included.

LOL. I wasn't in too good mood when writing that post - it could have
been written much friendlier. but hey, life's too short! :)

> Can people on this list please add Mr Claivaz' address when commenting
> on this thread, as Frederic suggested? It'll make things simpler

will do it when I have to say something substantial... :)

> PS Not that it matters, Nicola, but I'm a "she" - 

hm, a geek chic? ;) and I thought your were a guy (I bet others
here, too) - you see, this is real equality between woman and man! :)

regards & have a nice weekend