RE : [wilhelmtux-discussion] (fwd) Application de l'Officefédéral de la Statistique

Claude Almansi claude.almansi at
Sam Feb 15 14:35:38 CET 2003

Hi Nicola

<<does anyone know what the implications of the new law on public
(öffentlichkeitsgesetz) are concerning this subject? would be
interesting to order documentation on systems used in the government (at
least)... :)>>

Provisionally: what I found on for  "öffentlichkeitsgesetz" (ou
for "transparence de l'administrtion" - which is apparently its  French
equivalent)seems to indicate that the principle refers to data, not to

I've added Jeaan-Blaise Claivaz in Cc again - and forwarded him
separately your answer and Manfred's to Frederic  Schutz's where his
query was included.

Can people on this list please add Mr Claivaz' address when commenting
on this thread, as Frederic suggested? It'll make things simpler


PS Not that it matters, Nicola, but I'm a "she" -