[wilhelmtux-discussion] (fwd) Application de l'Officefédéralde la Statistique

Nicola Fankhauser nicola.fankhauser at variant.ch
Sam Feb 15 10:25:07 CET 2003

On Fri, 2003-02-14 at 06:05, Frederic Schutz wrote:
>   - if OFS is working with an external programmer, there is a kind of 
>     "implicit copyright", so that even if you pay for the program, you can
>     not get the source code, because programers want to keep their
>     secrets.

this is blatant bullshit. if they hire external people, all rights go
over to the employer (as Claude Almansi pointed out in his last post).

>   - if they use only internal ressources, the code is tailored to the exact
>     configuration of the OFS, and they cannot make sure that it will work
>     on any system. In addition, they believe that creating software for
>     external usage is not part of their mission.


>   - more over, their internal applications contain information about the
>     way the data is protected when transfered to OFS, so they can
>     "obviously" not publish this information...

yes, I believe that one. the reason is most probable not wanting to
embarass themselves by showing everyone how inapt they are (e.g.
concerning security).

sorry for these rather harsh remarks, but all this is so typical...

does anyone know what the implications of the new law on public matters
(öffentlichkeitsgesetz) are concerning this subject? would be
interesting to order documentation on systems used in the government (at
least)... :)