[wilhelmtux-discussion] Re: Geneva CD-ROM for tax declaration with OpenSource-Apps?

Frederic Schutz schutz at mathgen.ch
Mit Feb 12 09:34:30 CET 2003

Le Tue, 11 Feb 2003 12:00:10 +0100, tu as ecrit :

>I read this newsmessage at www.Linuxgear.info: 
>Anyone in Geneva: is it true? If yes, I think this is a good idea also 
>for other cantons.

It looks true according to the official website,
http://www.getax.ch/dyn/ledossier.php?id_rubrique=18. It looks very
interesting. I'll forward this information to the GULL mailing-list to see
if someone who received the CD can confirm.

And while the application used to fill the Tax return itself is not open
source, a Linux version is provided, which is a very good thing.