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Christian Schweingruber c.schweingruber at catatec.ch
Mon Feb 3 20:37:59 CET 2003

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Hallo Markus

Nik Hug hat vor kurzem nen Vortrag über TCPA gemacht.
Evt. könnt er da helfen...
Ich finde es auch ein dringendes Thema für WT.

Gruess Chrigu

PS. weiss noch nicht, wieso der footer nicht interpretiert wird...
sonst scheint die migration geklappt zu haben.

Markus Wernig schrieb:
| Hallo Leute
| Hello all
| [Mail in english because of non-german speakers on the list]
| I really do think we should put the TCPA topic on our website. I would
| make it part of our official website, with a link from the front page
| pointing to it.
| Now: As I presume from following the threads, there is more than one
| position on this, and the technical background seems as shady as the
| actual implications on running software on that platform (I know that
| for some of you this is as clear as punch - it may be my ignorance that
| I have not yet identified a document that clearly states what TCPA will
| be like)
| It is - at the moment - beyond my competence to judge in this matter,
| and therefore I would need somebody to help me put together the site in
| question.
| This means: Search for precise information on how TCPA is supposed to
| work (whitepapers, specifications etc.), write a german (french, italian
| ...) abstract, prepare input for an official *Tux statement to the
| media, collect links ...
| The timeframe would be around end of february 03, as I would like to go
| online with the new site then.
| Who could lend a hand in this?
| Thank you in advance
| /markus (webmaster,secretary)
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